Retropie not switching to hdmi

So I have just bought the Hyperpixel 4 and I wanted to use it for retropie, so I lookt up how to make it switch from the Hyperpixel to an HDMI monitor and found dozens upon dozens people saying that you just have to change a thew things in the /boot/config.txt file like uncomment
So I did all of this and more but nothing works.
Does anybody know what I have to do to make this work?

You would also have to remove all of the HyperPixel4 related output code, since it’s mutually exclusive with HDMI.

It’s best to keep two config.txt files around, one plain and stock with just the hdmi_force_hotplug=1 modification, and another one for HyperPixel4 and swap them around depending on which output you want to use. You can’t use both at once.

and how would I swap between the two config files?

i think just having 2 config files in the root of the sdcard with unique names to distinguish from the 2 and change name back and forth to config.txt when needed ,I think this will work ,i do believe i did it once before to switch to a 5 inch hdmi lcd from a full size lcd

wow thanks it works, Now just to find out how to make it easier to switch from the two config files

great, cant help with quick change though ,sorry

I’d save the two config files into /boot/configs/hyperpixel.txt and /boot/configs/hdmi.txt and then have a bash script that does something like (note this is untested code typed directly into the forums):


if [ -f "/boot/configs/$1.txt" ]; then
    sudo cp /boot/configs/$1.txt /boot/config.txt
    echo "Unknown config: $1"

Then save this as /usr/sbin/configswitch

And sudo chmod +x /usr/sbin/configswitch

Then you can run configswitch hdmi for HDMI and configswitch hyperpixel for hyperpixel. Then reboot to complete.

Slight downside of this is that any utility that modifies /boot/config.txt will be overriden any time you switch config.

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