RGB Keypad Base -- Hide USB drive?

Just got the keypad, it’s incredibly cool, and I love it, and I’m currently setting it up as a macro keypad. One thought I had would be to have the unit unmount the “CIRCUITPY” USB drive unless is was plugged in with one of the buttons pushed (in case you want to change the code). I think there are simple enough ways to do this, but I’m just curious if anyone else has tried it? I’m 99% sure I’m going to lock myself out of the unit a bunch of times trying to get this to work…

See if this helps.

Thanks! My search-fu failed me on this one… Will give it a go.

I haven’t tried it myself. I do make good use of my RGB Keypad though. The CIRCUITPY drive being visible doesn’t bother me all that much.
I think the actual post I referred too in that thread might have been on the Pi Foundation Forum in the Pi Pico section?

Here’s some more info about how to hide (and do other clever custom stuff with) CircuitPython devices: Overview | Customizing USB Devices in CircuitPython | Adafruit Learning System