Rotate image on Inky Impression 7.3"


I need help to rotate an image to portrait mode on an Inky 7.3".
The default size is 800x480 but I have a 480x800 image I would like to display.
I’ve tried a couple of things on but didn’t work.
Any help would be appreciated.

I do get an error message that image must be 800x480, so I imagine I need to go somewhere else and modify the size.

Thank you.

You can rotate it using the Python Imaging Library. If you show us which commands you tried, it helps us to give you useful advice. :)

You might find this discussion useful: python 3.x - PIL's Image.rotate() crops image - Stack Overflow

Thank you for the pointer davidb, it worked.
I have added the image = image.rotate (90, expand=1) to the original
and it rotates properly.
Appreciate the help.

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