RPi5 does not recognize my SSD/NVMe BASE

Last week, i received my ordered NVMe BASE for my RPi5 (order nr. #PI684083).
First of all, I received the package with just 3 Stand-offs, about which I immediately reported via e-mail to your Support team and included a picture of the content of the plastic bag…

This sunday I installed the device, after looking at several YouTube instruction Video’s. So I was aware that the flat cable has te be inserted carefully and thourowly.
I used the NVMe drive i had left over from an upgrade of my Thinkpad, which is a Samsung PCIe NVMe 1828 REV 0, 512GB.
But my RPi5 (latest Rasoberry OS in SSD Card) does not recognize the NVMe drive.

Please advice what I can do next.
Kind regard, Bert Tammer

I caried out an update of the eeprom, (which was still on an older version).
sudo rpi-eeprom-update -a
And now I see the SSD using command: lsblk !

Sorry, perhaps I made this entry too soon…