RV3028 battery orientation?

Can somebody that has an RV3028 RTC breakout tell me which way the battery goes in?
The + up with - against the circuit board or the other way around.
I took note of how it was in, + up, but now I’m starting to second guess myself and wonder if I got it wrong?

Going by this picture, I think the + side goes up with the - against the board. The spring tab in the middle looks like it would want to touch the + side.

Any chance of you posting a picture showing the inside of the battery connector?

The + up is as near as I can tell the correct way. I remarked out the rtc dtoverly entry in config.txt and rebooted. That gets control back to me and lets me run the Pimoroni set time and get time python files. Both py files work and the RV3028 thats plugged in right now is keeping its time. Thanks for the reply.
It looks like my Raspbian RTC install has gone south for some reason. I’m reimaging my SD card as I type this.