Schematic for PHat DAC

Hi, I am working on a maker project using the PHat DAC, I’ve got everything working with the hat and perfboard but I was looking into doing a custom circuit board layout for the project that incorporated the whole setup into one pcb.

I am wondering if the schematic / pcb for the PHat DAC is open source, and if so, where I can find the files.

Please let me know. Thanks!

I’m afraid we don’t routinely provide schematics for our boards, but you can find the pins used at the link below. I’ll also put a link for the DAC chip used on pHAT DAC below. That’s pretty much all there is on it. :-)

Okay thanks so much for providing that. I see in the datasheet that there is a typical applications schematic which I could probably adapt without to much trouble (let me know if I am wrong!).

The one question I have here is that your pinout shows the use of 3 I2S pins, whereas the datasheet shows the use of 4 pins for digital communication. I assume that those which you use are BCLK, LRCLK, and DOUT, since those are essential to the I2S protocol, and since I see that there is a feature of the chip to supply an internal SCLK via PLL. What is then done with the SCLK pin? Is it tied low to keep it at ground level?

Also, is I2S called PCM on your pinouts? I see the 3 pins for I2S are PCM FS (Frame Select? = LRCLK), PCM CLK (BCLK?) and PCM DOUT.