Skywriter/Raspberry Pi based kiosk

##Skywriter/Raspberry Pi based kiosk

This is a ‘kiosk’ that sits on the bookshelf in my living room. It displays weather, news, and silly quotes. Each screen appears for 30 or so seconds then fades to the next screen. The skywriter enables people to manually page back and forth.

It’s running Raspian Jesse, Apache, PHP5.6, Python. The front end software is based on reveal.js which is a JavaScript based slide show application. I added my own PHP which builds the dynamic portions of the HTML.

By following threads at the official Raspberry Pi forums I was able to make the boot process very clean. It might seem like a little thing but it adds a nice polish to the project.

Currently it…

  1. Uses JSON to get weather data from weather underground
    1a. Displays data as ‘current’, 4-day forecast, & details of today’s weather
  2. Selects a random line from any number of text files
    2a. Inspirational Quotes
    2b. Famous Quotes
    2c. Dad Humor
  3. Displays RSS feeds from any number of sources
  4. Displays animated weather radar from NOAA
  5. Displays Aurora Borealis forecast

To do:

  1. Add error checking for API data
  2. Add API for art museum
  3. Finish administrative backend
  4. Finish hourly forecast

Future ideas:

  1. Email notification
  2. Todo list/calendar
  3. Integrate Adafruit TSL2561 light sensor to automatically control screen brightness

Sample: Arrow keys to change slides.

See update below for links and a couple of photos.


I’ve raised your status - so you should (hopefully) be able to post the links/more pics if you desire.

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[Brooklyn Museum API] (
Victoria and Albert Museum API
Reveal.js Framework
Adafruit Light Sensor
Weather Underground
Space Weather Prediction Center
Dopler Radar Maps - US only?