[Solved] Pan Tilt error


I have just installed my Pan Tilt kit.
My cam is working well.

But when i try to launch some of the examples i have systematically errors, for example :

python3 smooth.py result :

Traceback (most recent call last) :
File “/usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/pantilthat/pantilt.py”, line 466, in servo_one self.setup

Any ideas ?

i2c interface was not enabled

Been there done that. Easy thing to miss. You end up in a similar situation if you try to use SPI and its not enabled. You get weird “file not found” errors.

I have two Pan Tilt setups. Both running Motion Eye OS. It has support built in for the Pan Tilt Hat software. Motion Eye hasn’t been updated for a while now, seems to have staled.

I’m curious as to what your plans are with yours? Control wise, and viewing wise?


I will put the PI + Pan Tilt camera on a robot, to make some little travelling with a lego scene.
I use it with my son (12 years), he made stopmotion too

I had asperations of doing something similar, just never found my round2it. ;)

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