Speaker Phat Deteriorated Sound


I received speaker phat last week and installed it on a Pi Zero W per instruction during the weekend. It worked flawlessly without error until yesterday. Suddenly the sound became very noisy (I have a mp3 recorded clip but could not attach it to this forum) after I played with raspi-config audio option. I tried raspy-config audio to force audio jack to see if omxplayer defaults to the speaker phat only to get the error message from raspi-config. I reinstalled rasbian from NOOBS 2.4.0 all over again hoping it resets everythin back to the first time which did not happen (again no error messages during the raspbian OS and speaker phat instllation). Did I fry the speaker phat by playing with raspi-config? The sound play perfect when I direct the output to HDMI (the monitor has built in speakers) which implies the Pi Zero W is fine.