SpeakerPhat and Powerboost 1000C

I am having trouble with the SpeakerPhat playing music after following the below info on using the 1000C Powerboost, at the moment the LED’s light up as if playing music but not sound.

Tested before doing the below powerboost tutorial and everything worked fine, ie music and sound where fine.

The RPI powers up and down as per the solution, so only the sound is misssing.

When I do the more basicversion, below, everything worked fine.


If you check Pinout.XYZ the Speaker Phat uses BCM18, and despite the fact that the power up/down guide says it uses GPIO18 if you look at the pin descriptions it is actually BCM18 that it uses. BCM18 is the I2S audio pin which the Speaker Phat uses, so it can’t be used as part of the power up/down system and the Phat at the same time. That explains why the Phat has no audio.

Looking at the lipopi.py script I can’t see any reason why it needs to use BCM18 specifically, so it might be possible to modify the pin definition in the script and choose a different pin for the shutdown function so that the two systems don’t conflict.

Thanks, that looks like a good reason, I think I can modify the Power down/up stuff to use different pins, cheers