Suggestion for Enviro++ SGP30

I love the Enviro+!

That said, it feels like it’s missing one thing that might have been easy to add – an SGP30 – perhaps it could come on an Enviro++ at some point in the future?

You can add it to your current setup, if you haven’t already, while you wait.
Just wire it up to i2c and add its code into the python file your using now. The easiest way would be to edit the current Gas code to use the SGP30 data.
What does the SGP30 do that the MICS6814 doesn’t? Just curious?

Do I just tag that on the terminals on the Enviro+ near the Light sensor?

Perhaps I have misunderstood the description of the MICS6814 data, but it looks like SGP30 will give eCO2 and TVOC – both useful values that don’t seem to correlate with the three general categories in the MICS6814.

You could use the SDA and SCL on that row of solder points, plus Ground and either the 3.3v or 5V, depending on what voltage the sensor needs. Where it says GPIO.
I was sure there was a difference, but to be honest, was too lazy to go look it up myself. That and it being way early in the AM when I posted. ;) I hadn’t even had a cup of coffee yet.