Understanding the GU light sensor

What ho fellow piratical types!

I’m tinkering with my galactic unicorn, reading the light values from the onboard sensor. It’s all very exciting. I’m using the following code:

import time
from galactic import GalacticUnicorn
from picographics import PicoGraphics, DISPLAY_GALACTIC_UNICORN

gu = GalacticUnicorn()
graphics = PicoGraphics(display=DISPLAY_GALACTIC_UNICORN)

WIDTH = GalacticUnicorn.WIDTH
HEIGHT = GalacticUnicorn.HEIGHT


while True:
    light = gu.light()

Looking at the readme.md the value returned is between 0 and 4095. Or if preferred, 256 steps of 16.

Looking at the schematic the component is:

I have a ltr-559, the bh1745 and the as7262. This component is clearly not one of these devices. But I’d like a deeper understanding of what I looking at here, please.

Is this value representing a standardised SI unit. Lux, Lumen etc. Or is it an arbitrary value on the fixed scale of 0 - 4095? What does this component identify as, and does it have any other functions available?

Thanks in advance for any insight you maybe able to share.

Happy tinkering!

This may help. It’s a very simple light sensor.
Phototransistors: What Are They & How Do They Work? | Electrical4U

It is very simple and basic with no calibration. It just gives a simple dynamic input value to play with.

As suspected. Thank you to both 🫡