Unicorn hat, HD and Ubercorn

Is it possible to set all pixels between two points?


0,0,r,g,b to 9,9,r,g,b would light a 10x10 square?


0,0,r,g,b to 0,9,r,g,b would light a 1x10 line?

You would need to write your own function to do this, but it should be reasonably straightforward.

Bonus points if you can specify different colours and have it automatically blend them :D

cool, thanks for the pointers.

This is for the ubercorn clock, I’ve got a bunch of supplies on the way, I’m currently 3D printing mounts and while I wait for everything I am attempting to condense my old code.

This could be a nice little side project 😊

Oooh drawing lines at non-90-degree angles is a fun little challenge if you’re doing an analog clock face. You can always have a peek at some of the drawing libraries out of their- such as Adafruit GFX- if you get lost. I know I couldn’t pull line drawing code off the top of my head!

This is a rehash of my old binary / tix clock

I think angles is beyond my ability 😂

I’d love to see which 3D models you came up with and the final result+code. Dit you post this somewhere (git/thingiverse)?

Hi Prutsky,

I didn’t post any of it to github but I do have a few pictures.

The code is on here somewhere, it needs some extra work,I’m not a “real” coder, just a man bored one Saturday)

The models were created in fusion 360, Essentially it’s 4 blocks, 4 corners with screw in clips and 1 grid, it was broken up due to my printer size, everything slots in the ikea frame with frosted acrylic for the front and clear acrylic at the rear, The hanging hole was created with a Dremel, any excuse to get that thing out!

I don’t remember if the one pictured has hand cut acrylic squares in each of the cells, but I found it reduced the light leak.

anyway here are some pictures, I need to see if I still have the files, I’d be glad to share them (They need a little tidy up first though)