Unicornhathd documentation

Working through some of the examples on github and have more questions than answers with the ubercorn-rainbow-2x1.py example. Link is https://github.com/pimoroni/unicorn-hat-hd/blob/master/examples/ubercorn-rainbow-2x1.py
The example controls two 16x16 unicorns side by side

Of course I can’t make the code work (or I wouldn’t be here)
The documentation I found is http://docs.pimoroni.com/unicornhathd/#porting-from-unicorn-hat
In the code there are three unicornhathd function used that I can’t find documentation for:

  • List item unicornhathd.enable_addressing()

  • List item unicornhathd.setup_buffer(32, 16)

  • List item unicornhathd.setup_display(0, 0, 0, 0)

If I comment out these lines of code and change the x values to 0-15 the rainbow is displayed. (This example is the rainbow.py example with “rappers”)

Assuming I get the software to work the hardware question remains. If I understand SPI correctly to control 2 unicorns, 2 chip select pins are required. Am I correct that Pi header pins 24 and 26 are used? Pin 24 of course works for one Unicorn.

Other than that I am a happy camper. I have enough ideas for the unicorn that 2 would be nice. Four would be great!
Update: I found the Raspberry Pi SPI documentation and my pin out assumption is correct:
The SPI bus is available on the P1 Header:

MOSI    P1-19
MISO    P1-21
SCLK    P1-23   P1-24    CE0
GND     P1-25   P1-26    CE1

Downloading and digging deep into the github entry for unicorn-hat-hd I found the change log. The top entry is

Added support for display addressing (for Ubercorn)

when the update is installed maybe documentation will appear.
Hardware to build for testing.

****************** Update ********************
The instructions to install link back to https://get.pimoroni.com/unicornhathd which does not seem to be the on github

I have built cabling to connect two unicorn HDs to my Rpi at the same time, one connected to P1-24 CE0 and the other to P1-26 CE1. Both displays work when connected to CE0 and other examples are used. I was hopping that some feedback from the displays would make things work. I still have not had success. Changing parameters, (blindly without documentation) I was able to generate errors that tell me that the functions are part of the library.

In desperation I also ran test using a Rpi4 hopping that there was a Rpi3B+ issue. Still no luck.

Any suggestions, guidance, help will be appreciated. Now that I have the hardware, I’m hooked.

Have done a total system update. Surprise surprise the latest SD image is not the latest.

Same results with IDE or CLI. Hope that helps.

In an effort to be complete (and elicit a response) here is a link to
pictures and wiring diagrams

I got nothing else.