VEML6075 UVA/B Sensor Breakout – glass

I am using one of these sensors:-

I wanted to set it up permanently outside. The product says I need to use a piece of UV bandpass filter glass to cover it. Has anyone been able to find some of this in the UK? I have read the PMMA perspex doesnt block light but not found anywhere that seems to stock PMMA perspex specifically.

Is anyone else using these outdoors?


I’m good friends with my dogs VET and got a couple of pieces of microscope slide glass from him. The bigger thicker long piece that the sample goes on top of. It’s fussed quartz glass, that as far as I know doesn’t block UV light.
I haven’t actually tested it yet though. It’s been raining here almost every day and the few nice sunny days we had I was playing catch up with yard work.

Thats an interesting idea, will give that a try.