View Flotilla output from remote

I am a flotilla newbie and plan to build a simple weather station using the Weather units as input and showing the results on a number module.

I would love to be able to access the readouts from remote when out of home. Is there a smart way to do this?
I was thinking about the initial state service ( or may something even simpler but cannot work out a way to do this.

Any suggestions are most welcome.

Kristian, Copenhagen

One option would be to host a simple webserver using something like Flask or another python webserver thing ( and using python for the flotilla interfacing.

Once you have the sensing code in python though, there are a number of IoT services like Particle and Adafruit.IO you can use - or there are other alternatives like twitter (pretty easy to get going with in python) or google apps I think has some form of integration for stuff like this.

A webserver would ultimately be more customizable, but if you use something like twitter there’s a lot less network security issues to handle. I setup some tweeting plants with an Enviro pHAT and it works really well - the code is at if you want to see how to do a simple twitter integration for something like this.

Have fun!

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