VScode interpreter

Has anybody had luck being able to get VScode to use micro Python as the interpreter instead of vanilla Python? Some reason when using pico-w-go extension in vscode, it does not default to find micro Python on my raspberry pico w. See image attached.

I get module not found errors.

More info about this problem at this link: https://dev.to/blues/your-first-steps-with-raspberry-pi-pico-and-visual-studio-code-4jbd

Update: If you have this same problem, the Pico-w-go extension is developed to work with vanilla micropython firmware from Raspberry. When I tried it with another Pico with the vanilla from Raspberry’s website it works. The Pimoroni Pico Display custom micropython has some changes unknown to me that prevent (some?) module imports when using the Pico-w-go extension.