Wake up Badger2040 after display.halt()

Dear All,

I started working with the Badger2040 because of the ePaper-Display, the possibility to add sensors via the QWIIC connector and to operate from batteries. I am unsing a BME280 to measure the humidity inside a box where I store my Filament for 3D printing. I am very pleased, that the Badger uses less then 1 mA of current after ‘display.halt()’, so I assume a long battery life. Unfortunatelly I could not find a possibility to wake up Badger2040 after ‘display.halt()’ on a regular basis (let’s say 30 minutes), do a measurement, display the results and go to sleep via ‘display.halt()’ again.
I have tried working with Timer() and WDT (Watchdog Timer), but in both cases obviously the Badger stops working after issuing ‘display.halt()’

I am working under Micropython (Pimoroni v1.18.7).

Does somebody here know of a possibility to wake up the Badger after ‘display.halt()’ on a regular basis? I can wake the Badger by pressing one of the user buttons, but I would like to always have actual values on the ePaper without having to press a button first.

Thanks for the help & best regards,

I haven’t got mine yet but have you tried using an alarm signal interrupt?

import signal

def handler(signum, stack):
    if signum == signal.SIGALRM:
        #this might wake the Pico up

signal.signal(signal.SIGALRM, handler)
signal.alarm(30 * 60) #30min