WeatherHat: Failed to add edge protection

I have just received the Weather Hat from Pimoroni.
I have been battling to get the or any other code to run. I have started with a fresh install and tried on various Raspberry Pi 3’s. I keep getting the following error:

RuntimeError: Failed to add edge detection.

I am starting to think that the Hat is faulty, any help please?

Are you using Pi OS Lite? If so, you might need to sudo apt install python3-pip git libatlas-base-dev to grab the extra dependencies.

(and then possibly run our installer again - I can’t remember if that was necessary)

Nope not using Pi OS Lite, using the full version.

Hmm, did you get any errors when you ran the installer?

None at all. I have done a few fresh installs, each time the same?

I am having the same issue. Cant seem to find assistance anyhwere