Weatherhat with a Pi5 issues using Python

Hi All,
I have problems getting the hat to run using vene I can get the code into the machine but am having problems creating the virtual environment easily and quickly. There is an tutorial in MagPi Decembers 23’s issue, which after much head scratching seems over complicated for what it does. I understand the need to change to stop problems with Python packages going forward but all I am doing is running a weather station!
Can any one offer a way of reducing my frustration.
As Poo would say “I am a bear with very little Brain” and I find dealing with the command line difficult at the best of times.
Davek aka Cornishsunshine

Maybe you want to try this guide I linked to here: Tutorial for Python Virtual Environments. I think the guide from Adafruit is simple and easy to follow.

And talking about frustration: using the Weatherhat together with a Pi5 will be a real frustrating experience. Think about measuring the ambient temperature while putting the thermometer above an oven.

Hi Bablokb
Many thanks for the reply, the weatherhat is on the end of a long ribbon cable to counter that problem, I am playing with code to compensate for height, which is why I am using the Pi 5 it will run on a headless pi 0 finally, but sorting it out is my main concern at the moment. I have written the code but am having problems with sorting it out!

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