1.3" SPI LCD breakout isn't working with pimoroni/st7789-python

I bought the I2C + SPI breakout garden and two LCD displays: the 1.3" SPI Colour LCD breakout and the 1.3" Mono OLED breakout.

I’ve enabled i2c and spi using raspi-config. I can get some examples in https://github.com/rm-hull/luma.examples/tree/master/examples to work with the I2C monochromatic LCD breakout.

However, I can’t seem to get the SPI LCD to work. I’ve tried plugging it into the back and front SPI slots on the breakout garden and running examples in https://github.com/pimoroni/st7789-python but I get no errors and nothing shows on the screen. The backlight works, though.

 $ lsmod | grep spi_
spi_bcm2835            20480  0

/boot/config.txt has dtparam=spi=on and I have rebooted after turning on SPI in raspi-config.

Happy to provide more debugging information!

Does anyone have any suggestions? Or should I be escalating this to Pimoroni support? (I’m also going to be travelling for a few days, so my replies will be infrequent.)

Yeah, I would put in a ticket with Pim support.If the “hello World” example doesn’t work then it’s likely a hardware failure.