0.96" SPI Colour LCD (160x80) Breakout direct GPIO doesn't work

Hi everyone,

Looks like I’m facing one of the same issues that all the others have here on the forum, however no one ever posted an answer so hence why I’m writing this new post.

I’ve wired my SPI LCD as per the information on the product page:

  • 3-5V to any 5V or 3V pin
  • CS to BCM 7
  • SCK to BCM 11
  • MOSI to BCM 10
  • DC to BCM 9
  • BL to BCM 19
  • GND to any ground pin

I tried all the examples that come with the library and changed the backlight port to 19 and tried with both BG_SPI_CS_FRONT & BACK but no luck.

The only thing the LCD does is light up and blink one time each time the scripts are started.

Am I missing something obvious? I have 2 LCD breakouts and they both behave the same, so I doubt it’s an hardware issue with the LCD’s itself.

This is how it’s wired on my perma proto board (according to the BCM ports above)

I tested all the connections with my multimeter and they are good, so also not a soldering issue :-)

Some extra information that might help:

  • Raspbian Buster with desktop (Version: September 2019)
  • RPI 3 B V1.2
  • Official power supply (so no problem getting the pixies to the Pi ;-) )

Double check your wiring and or color coded diagram.
You have MOSI (green) going to MISO
And DC (white) going to MOSI

I think it should be MOSI to MOSI and DC to MISO

🙈 Indeed, not sure how I’ve been able to mix them up since I also double checked it 3 times… Thanks for pointing it out!

Thats an easy mistake to make and miss what with how those pins are labelled.