0.96" SPI Colour LCD (160x80) doesn't show text


Hi. I got the 0.96" SPI Colour LCD (160x80) Breakout. I hooked it up as instructed (see pic), installed the drivers and dependencies as instructed and tried to run a supplied example (scrolling-text.py).

I get no errors in the console, but the display stays black (I can see a little of the back light leaking out the side).

Any suggestions on how to proceed?




On those long solderless breadboards, the voltage rails down the sides are not continuous.
Its actually two separate groups of 25 pins. The first 5 groups of 5 are all connected together. And the second 5 groups of 5 pins are all connected together. But the first group isn’t connected to the second group.
I would say that black ground jumper isn’t actually grounded.
Move it up into the first 5 groups of 5, if that makes sense. Or jumper the first 5 groups of 5 pins to the second 5 groups of 5.



Tried your suggestion (see pic), didn’t work though. I did measure a solid 5V between the 3-5V and GND pins on the display. I don’t know what to look for on the other pins (~3.3V on DC and BL, next to nothing on CS, SCK and MOSI).

EDIT: Measured voltages again, with the example running this time (doh!). CS = ~3.3V, SCK = ~0.78 V (I assume an average of rapid switching between 0V and 3.3V, MOSI still next to 0V)



I’m finding it a little hard to follow what jumper goes where?
Can you confirm these colors for me, and double check they are in the correct position.
3-5V - Red
CS - Orange
SCK - Yellow
MOSI - Green
DC - Blue
BL - White
GND - Black

Might want to resolder the BL terminal on the display and add a little more solder. A close up picture of your soldering may help? Maybe you have a cold solder joint or something?



I confirm:
3-5V - RED - Goes to 5V rail on breadboard
CS - ORANGE - Goes to BCM 8
CSK - YELLOW - Goes to BCM 11
MOSI - GREEN - Goes to BCM 10
DC - BLUE - Goes to BCM 9
BL - WHITE - Goes to BCM 18
GND - BLACK - Goes to GND rail on breadboard

I’m not an experienced solderer, but I believe the joins are fine. Please judge yourself:



Its hard to tell from the picture but I think you may have a cold solder joint?
Have a look at this, it might help.




Thanks! I’ll resolder next weekend and try again. I’ll post the results.



Jumpers look Ok by the way.
Do you have a link to where you bought the breadboard breakout board? I’m pretty sure it plugged in correctly, can’t hurt to confirm though. I don’t like to just assume something based on a picture. .
If your measuring 5V on the pins marked 5v its correctly plugged in. ;)

EDIT: I see that you have already checked the +5V so disregard this post. ;)



Resoldered the connections. Joins do not all look very pretty, but they do look solid now (imho). Screen remains black when testing though (back light does come on). Anything else I can try, or do I have to conclude the display is broken?



Nothing else I can think of. That resoldering doesn’t look too good to be honest. They should all look like the DC one. The more you do it over the more chance of damaging it with excessive heat though.
It could have been defective from the get go. IT happens every now and then though you test stuff after production. On the main shop page there is a contact us link at the bottom. Click that and you can e-mail Pimoroni tech support directly. I’d put a link to this thread in that e-mail. Then see what they say.