0.96” SPI Colour LCD (160x80) doesn't work?


I have a raspberry pi3 a+ (also tried in the b+) with all software updated and the new breakout garden. SPI is activated, and the other breakouts work, but none of the examples output anything to the screen. Anything I should try?
Thank you!


Wow, literally seconds after posting this, I rebooted the pi and text appeared on screen (before the reboot), so I think this must be a software issue?


I have replicated the problem : installed all the libraries for the lcd, no example works. If I press reboot on the pi, before shutting down, text appears on screen. :|


Have you used the current raspbian install for anything else that might be holding up the SPI pins?


Hi. I have influxdb (a database) and grafana (database visualization) installed, but other than that, it’s a fresh install.


Sounds like something is holding the backlight control pin low so the backlight is off. The pin is BCM19 for the front slot and BCM18 for the back slot. The LCD library should turn the backlight on, but you can try doing it manually too, with these terminal commands:
gpio -g mode 19 out
gpio -g write 19 1


I’ve pushed a fix to the examples for this. You’ll need to either grab the latest examples from GitHub, or change the backlight=18 to backlight=19 to use the right pin for the front slot.

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Ok, now it works in the front slot! :D