240x240 LCD how to change backlight pin on Pi Pico


I have a 1.3" SPI Colour Square LCD (240x240) Breakout which I want to use with a Pi Pico W and micropython.

However the default pins are not available.

These are the defaults

  • 3-5V to any 5V or 3V pin
  • CS to GP17
  • SCK to GP18
  • MOSI to GP19
  • DC to GP16
  • BL to GP20
  • GND to any ground pin

I know how to change the SPI pins but not how to change the backlight pin

changing the SPI pins: (default values for illustration)

    from pimoroni_bus import SPIBus
    from picographics import PicoGraphics, DISPLAY_LCD_240X240, PEN_P8

    spibus = SPIBus(cs=17, dc=16, sck=18, mosi=19)

    display = PicoGraphics(display=DISPLAY_LCD_240X240,, bus=spibus, pen_type=PEN_P8)

I want to make use of the display.set_backlight(0.5) command but I need to specify a pin other than GP20

can someone point me to where I can change the default backlight pin please?



Just add the bl= at the end. I did this on a dual display setup I use on a Pico.

spibus_R = SPIBus(cs=17, dc=16, sck=18, mosi=19, bl=20)
spibus_L = SPIBus(cs=22, dc=16, sck=18, mosi=19, bl=21)

that simple!


many thanks


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If only all problems were that simple to fix. ;)

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