[Pico Display] Setting up on non-pico Raspberry

Dear all,
I’ve recently acquired a “Pico Display pack”, and joined the Pimoroni forums.
I intend to connect the LCD screen to a Raspberry Pi Zero W, but I found very limited documentation, tutorial or datasheet that could help, once I connected the screen pins.

If anyone know if this usecase has been discussed already, or if you could point me to the product datasheet or setup instruction, I would be very grateful :)

Thank you in advance
Best regards

The st7789 driver should work.

You will need to edit the examples to match the different height of 135 pixels.
And the display seetings in the files like

# Create ST7789 LCD display class.
disp = ST7789.ST7789(
    backlight=19,               # 18 for back BG slot, 19 for front BG slot.
    spi_speed_hz=80 * 1000 * 1000,
    offset_left=40 if display_type == "round" else 0

cs=0, or cs=1, will work instead of all that breakout garden stuff, I’ve done it with other displays.

The pinout is as follows.

This may also help, its what pins are used on the Pi.

GPIO 7, Pin 26, CE1
GPIO 8, Pin 24, CE0
GPIO 9, Pin 21, MISO
GPIO 10, Pin 19, MOSI
GPIO 11, Pin 23, SCLK

GPIO 16, Pin 36, CE2
GPIO 17, Pin 11, CE1
GPIO 18, Pin 12, CE0
GPIO 19, Pin 35, MISO
GPIO 20, Pin 38, MOSI
GPIO 21, Pin 40, SCLK



dtoverlay=spi1-1cs #1 chip select
dtoverlay=spi1-2cs #2 chip select
dtoverlay=spi1-3cs #3 chip select

SCLK - Serial ClocK
CE - Chip Enable (often called Chip Select)
MOSI - Master Out Slave In
MISO - Master In Slave Out
MOMI - Master Out Master In

SPI at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

How are you guys so fast :)

Thanks for the links and info, I’ll try tomorrow, but it should be pretty straightforward

I don’t work for Pimoroni, just so you know. I’m just an enthusiast that happens to like and use a lot of Pimoroni tech. I have various different versions of the Breakout Garden ones hooked up to Pi Zero’s.
I have one Pi with two of the 0.96" SPI Color LCD (160x80) Breakouts on SPI 0 and one with three on SPI 1. That’s how I know what pins are what, and where they go. Some are soldered to Proto Boards and some are in Breakout Garden hats.
I do have one of those Pico Displays on the Pico Omnibus. The PICO has a LIPO Shim on it and the display is showing battery condition etc. I have other plans for the display, I just can’t find my round 2it. ;)