St7789 display on radpberry pi pico

Hello everyone . If someone could help me solving these problem that will be very helpful for me.
I am working on raspberry pi pico in c++ where i have to interface the st7789 320x240 tft display. I already wrote my own libraray to do that but i found today the pimironi firmware. I already made the setup for pmoroni to work with my project cmake file in c++. I am trying now to interface the display . I used st7789 driver and picographics. I can set the brightness correctly using the bl pin but i cannt get any character written on the display or change the baground . I use the spiPins struct to define the spi instance and spi pinout used by me . But i didnt found any place to define the rst pin for the display . May that cause the problem ? If someone can share with me a simple code to print hello world on the display with the possiblity of decalring the pinout i used on the pico.