Moving away from Pico Explorer?

Hey everyone,

Been having fun with a Pico + explorer. And almost at the stage of finishing a project.

Is there a wiring guide at what maps the Pico break out to Pico Pins? Same for the display?

I bought this display (ST7789 it says on the back of explorer board) Adafruit 1.3" 240x240 Wide Angle TFT LCD Display with MicroSD - ST7789 – Pimoroni

Will this work with the Pico display lib by default?

There is a pinout diagram for the Pico Explorer on its shop page.
29 INT, 27 SCL, 26 SCL are the i2c pins that go to the Breakout garden breakout sockets. The INT isn’t technically an i2c pin, but it is used by some of the Breakout Garden breakouts.
The display uses SPI, which is 25 LCD_MOSI, 24 LCD_SCLK, 22 LCD_CS and 21 LCD_DC

Thank you that’s a big help! I did see that picture but it didn’t show where those pins we’re going so I got a little confused

Thank you again.

How you wire up a display or i2c breakout depends on whether you want to use SPI0, or SPI1, etc. And if you want to use i2c0 or i2c1 etc. And even then it looks like you have options on what pins those buses use? I’m still trying to wrap my head around this.
I’ve tinkered with other micro controllers like the Arduino and BBC Micro-Bit, but the PICO seems to take it to another level, pin setup wise.

Yeah, those pinouts can leave you scratching your head a bit. It’s basically showing what pins on the PICO are doing what function. From that you can surmise what they go to. I’ve done a bunch of stuff on a Pi with Breakout Garden breakouts. I have the Hat and do my testing on that. Then hardwire the different bits to Proto Zero’s or Perma Proto Hats etc for the final build.
On a Raspberry Pi i2c is hardwired to specific pins, same for SPI0 and SPI1. In a way that makes it easier. For me it does anyway.
I have a PICO Explorer on the way, should have it early next week. I actually wanted the PICO Breakout pack but its still showing as coming soon.