Display Hat Mini 2.0 on Pico?

I need a decent display for my Pico-powered cenral heating controller project and I found this unused attractive Pimoroni Display Hat Mini 2.0 in my Display Box - is it possible to use it? It has something like an I2C connector on it [GND,INT,SCL,SDA,3V3].


Looking at Display HAT Mini at Raspberry Pi GPIO Pinout

It might be possible, but I’d think the time it takes to code & wire up a dedicated screen would be easier.

That said, looking at the schematic the physical wiring isn’t too complex and there are a few examples of driving an SPI display from micropython.

Also, based on the pimoroni library: GitHub - pimoroni/st7789-python: Python library to control an ST7789 240x240 1.3" TFT LCD display. it looks like you might have some luck with this: GitHub - russhughes/st7789_mpy: Fast MicroPython driver for ST7789 display module written in C It’s even got precompiled firmware you could try on the PICO

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It uses SPI, the i2c connector is just an add on, it’s just an extra bonus feature.
It will be 3.3v logic, that’s what a Pi uses, and should be fine to connect to a Pico.
I would think it will work with Pico Graphics, if you pick a matching layout screen.
The Pico display uses that same ST7789 display driver chip.
Keep in mind that it may need +5V for something? You may have to wire that up to get it to work.

I have plans to do something very similar, just have to find my round 2it.
I’m going the other way though, Pico Display Pack on a Pi Zero.