3D Cad File? Tiny 2040

Has anyone made a 3D file of the Tiny 2040 for KiCad? It would be nice to have a 3D view of my board complete? Once mine arrive, I can make one. Just hoping someone has done it already.


Hey Chris - curious if you ever located/built a CAD file of the Tiny? Hoping to save myself a few mins :)

Adam S

Nope. However, I recently ordered on from SnapEDA, which had a special arrangement with Digikey and offered to build the 3D model for only $1. I paid the fee, assuming that since the Tiny 2040 was sold through DK, then DK must have the data or the clout to request it. I was later contacted by SnapEDA asking if I had the drawings. So I guess it isn’t going to happen. It’s quite a shame that this data isn’t released. I managed to measure by hand the critical dimensions to make a hole in a prototype PCB to mount this module. But the lack of accurate 3D data keeps me from using this really neat module in any real projects.

Yeah, that’s a bummer. A full model is certainly the key to making sure everything is going to fit and it’s nice to have the mfr’s blessing rather than having to resort to calipers. FYI: I’ve since moved my project to an Adafruit QT PY RP2040. A couple fewer pins, but includes a JST connector ready for I2C. They also had a very detailed CAD model!

Haha, I am in the exact same process for the exact same reasons. I had to stick with the Tiny 2040 for the first hobby project I selected it for because of the number of pins. I have a dozen QT PY 2040 boards in hand, and am currently testing them for another project.

To be fair, I have also ordered a few of the new PGA-style Tiny 2040s, and am going to have a look at those. They might be easier to hand-measure because there are fewer components on the bottom side. It’s not ideal, but it seems easier to work with than the Tiny 2040.