3D CAD or STEP Files for Display Hat Mini and Trackball Breakout Board?

Hello there Pimoroni team ๐Ÿ‘‹

Iโ€™ve been using the Display Hat Mini product for a while and I was delighted with how fun it can be to have such a small yet amazing display in my projects, so first of all, thanks for that :)

Is it possible you guys could share a CAD Model/ STEP file for the Display Module and Trackball Breakout Board?

Do you remember the old days of long past when PalmTops were all a huge craze? From Apple to HP, all wanted a piece of that market? I have a simple hobby project idea which will use your Display Hat Mini and Trackball with a Pi and make for arguably the cutest PalmTop of this decade :)

It seems the Display Hat is made in EAGLE, so popping that in to AutoDesk Fusion 360 should be a task of under 5 minutes. Then itโ€™ll be just adding a separate body for the display screen itself and some appearance modification.

It would help a lot of people, and not just me. The display is new, but the trackball is also used by a tonne of people in their custom QMK Keyboards, so to have a STEP file of that will help them design more elegant keyboards.

So if possible, please kindly share a step file for the two components.
Please and Thank You.