Display-O-Tron RGB Breakout - stock any soon?


This is the second time I will be purchasing in the Pimoroni shop for some small (in size but not features) automation in my company. I just saw the forums and community seems pretty active too, so I just joined!

This time I have a cart prepared, but I’m waiting for the Display-O-Tron RGB Breakout (PIM146) to become available. We are in Spain, so we would like reduce expediture costs by purchasing all at once.

Does anyone know approximately when there will be stock, so that we can have an idea and plan the project?

Thank you in advance

there will be some hitting the shop early next week, although you can check tomorrow night in case the packaging team has managed to get them packed and stock checked before the weekend.

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Thanks for the reply! I’ll be waiting for them :)

Just saw they’re back in stock, and you added new products like the Unicorn HAT HD! I’m struggling a lot not to buy all these flashy HATs haha :)

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