Yo, any news on the 14th breakout? I’m getting bored here, but need to reach critical ordering size mass and I’m not quite there yet… 😉 /s

Keep’em comin’

BR//KHH [xoblite]

PS. Off-topic, while I remember: @gadgetoid, have you tried running the Unicorn pHAT/HAT (PWM) and Unicorn HAT HD (SPI) simultaneously on e.g. a pHAT Stack? Last time I checked (nb. I also tried running your examples side-by-side iirc), there was some issue with that (misc freezing iirc), possibly due to upstream aspects of the rpi_ws281x library (nb. which has a SPI mode too as far as I recall, even though you’re not using it for the pHAT/HAT?), but I haven’t had time to look any further into it. Any thoughts? If needed, I can investigate further; I just figured I should ask for your view on this topic first, in case you’re already aware of and up to speed on this issue.


Nice! 😀 Which controller does it use? Downsized Scroll pHAT tech, similar to or same as the 5x5 RGB Matrix Breakout (edit: both based on the IS31FL3731), or something else?

Also spotted the SPI-capable BG in one of the photos and was a bit curious about the placement of the SPI connectors… A non-display (read: at the back) SPI breakout coming up as well down the line? 🤔😉

BR//KHH [xoblite]