Breadboard Base

I’ve been looking at the Adafruit Pi Dish for a while but it was just too expensive for what I wanted. The Pimoroni base looked a bit more like and for 4 quid I thought I’d give it a try.

I am waiting for a suitable 400 point breadboard to arrive from elsewhere as they weren’t in stock but I’m tempted just to use my normal large one as it looks a bit odd but should be fine.

The screws on my coupe were long enough I didn’t have to remove the existing base layer and I couldn’t really see any reason to do so. The only thing I don’t like is that on hard flat surface (e.g. a desk!) it wobbles a bit as the pibow screw heads / tips are all one side and the breadboard area acts a bit like a lever. I’ll try and get some rubber feet from somewhere to space out underneath but I’d rather have paid a little extra and had it come with them.

Other than that it seems pretty ideal. Its the little details that are nice too, for example theres a cutout to make it easy to still get to the SD Card - but wait, its cut out BOTH sides so you can mount your Pi either way round (though not sure why you’d want to!).

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Heya! You should have had a set of rubber feet with it (to stop the wobbling/slipping) weren’t they in the package?

I didn’t spot any and I’ve just checked the packet and on the floor in case they fell out when I opened it and can’t see anything foot-like. They’d make this pretty much perfect I think!

Drop an e-mail to with your address and we’ll get some out to you!


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Thanks for the feet, its now really stable and they’ve got good friction too - well pleased!

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