My bread boarding rig

I built this for bread boarding breakout boards and other electronic odds and ends. The frame is Open Beam extruded aluminum beam. A Pi 3B mounted to a Pi foundation 7 inch touch screen. GPIO breakout board connected to a large bread board. two small speakers feed by an analog amp plugged into the Pi’s audio jack. A 5V 10A power supply feeds it via a barrel connector. Some custom USB cables feed front mounted USB jacks. Data only comes from the Pi, power comes from the power supply through poly fuses. It’s been modified and revised several times. These pictures will show that,!AjOYwiwlwDtpgq9LUHdGiiRpn7dr2Q The display was upgraded etc. The Pi too, B+, to 2B to 3B. you’ll see a WIFI dongle in some of the pictures, that’s gone now. It’s semi portable. I take it out on my deck sometimes under my gazeebo to play with.

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Didn’t know how to add a picture when I originally posted it.