My Pirate radio build

Pictures here, to big to upload so I’ll just link to my onedrive folder,!AjOYwiwlwDtpgrJY6ORLsK5AVpwNuw

The case is the subwoofer box from a set of Logitech R20 speakers. I ditched the subwoofer but used the other two speakers. The inside of the speaker box is that press board stuff that’s hard to put screws in. I was also nervous of drilling too deep with a pilot hole and really screwing things up before I started. So, I took some scrap pieces of wood and put some 4 40 screws in it, counter sinking the heads, then just hot glued those in place inside. Made use of a Ninja diffuser to mount the pHat Beat to, being careful to mount it nice and straight.

The switches are mini arcade buttons mounted in the top of the case. I soldered female jumper wires to them. Then I wired up my switches to the Proto pHat. That “almost” worked out perfect. One GPIO (26) wasn’t wired out to a solder pad. I had to take a jumper wire right to the GPIO pin. The rest lined right up with my 90 degree header. You’ll see one blue wire make a big right turn lol.

I’m feeding power in through the Proto pHat too, from a micro USB breakout board. I didn’t like the tight turn the power cable made and didn’t want to chance damaging the Pi it the cord got snagged and tugged on. I still have to mount the breakout board somehow. Need some more smaller screws to mount it to another piece of scrap wood and hot glue in place.

I added a header to the RUN terminal of the Pi so I can turn it on. I just won’t unplug the power pack when I shut down. I just have to remember not to push that button while it playing. I also wired a full sized USB female USB jack right to the Pi for my FLRC USB receiver. I didn’t like the tight fit the adapter made and it’s cable was too short anyway. This way my IR receiver sits right out in front, doesn’t look bad either with the shelled connector on the end.

The Vu meter is viewable through the speaker grill where the subwoofer used to be.

Finally figured out how to add a picture.