Pirate Radio Buttons


So I have built the Pirate Radio kit successfully.

I am looking to put it in an enclosed case. However this would likely hide the buttons on the pHAT BEAT from being accessible. To fix this I was thinking of using a button membrane, such as the one here, 1 2 3 4 Key Button Membrane Switch Matrix Array Keyboard Keypad Control Panel Pad DIY Kit For Arduino 2018 New|Integrated Circuits| - AliExpress. Although I would be open to suggestions of suitable products that Pimoroni sell.

My question is about how best to connect the button membrane to the pHAT BEAT and Rpi Zero.

I was wondering if the suggestion in the comments here, Ikea Dragan Speaker Box by drgrandios - Thingiverse, and using a Rpi Zero WH with a 2x 20 Female Header would work? If so, could someone explain how I link the 3 components together?

Thanks in advance.


I used a Proto Zero on a stacking header. It’s between my Pi Zero and the pHat Beat. I then wired some mini arcade buttons to it. And mounted those into the top of my wooden case. My Pirate Radio is in the subwoofer box. The pHat Beat VU meter is visible through the speaker cloth, its mounted where the subwoofer used to be.
My Pi Zero is on a 90 degree header to make access to its ports easier, I could have used a stock header though.