Pirate Radio Case - with Surface Transducer

Thought people maybe interested in a thingiverse for the Pirate Radio, i used the Mini Arcade Buttons and Surface Transducer from Pimoroni:

The kit was really inspiring and provided the footprint to take it just a little further,


Nice really nice. Looks good and functional. =)

I did something similar with stuff I had on hand. An old dead PC speaker set. My pHat Beat is where the sub woofer used to be, viewable through the speaker cloth. I also used arcade buttons. I debated using colored buttons, different colors for different functions. In the end I went with all black to match everything else…


Nice - yours probably sounds a lot better than mine!


It’s not to bad. The speakers are actually a lot farther apart than in the picture. It’s nice that the pHat Beat will do stereo if you want dual speakers.