Need Buttons for pHAT BEAT DAC


I purchased Pirate Radio - Pi Zero W Project Kit /PIM261 last Fall/ 2017.

2 of the 6 buttons on the pHAT BEAT DAC board just fell off the board early December. One of the 2 buttons split into the outer shell piece and the contact piece. Issue appears to be poor solder joints from manufacturing. Christmas is now over so back to the “to do” list.

Vendor says 30 day warranty and I’m on my own. Ugh !

Where can I source 2 X Switches in USA ? Can someone save me digging through parts catalogs ? I can modify for any switch but would prefer OEM.

Thoughts ?



I found another solution to get access to the tiny buttons. On the RPiZero I soldered from the underside a 40-pin header with longer male pins and they protrude on the upper side as a normal male 40 pin header. On the backside you have a 40-pin female header to which you can hook up your buttons jumper cables with male pins at the end. Later today I will add a picture of my setup

I’d be a little careful of that, as the female header will basically be a mirror image of the normal pin numbering (as you’d need to turn the whole thing over to access it normally).

Might take a little mental gymnastics to make sure you’re actually connecting the cables to the GPIO pins you think you are.

@lance254 sorry, that’s not the sort of experience we want to deliver! I’ve sent you a PM.

I used a Proto pHat, between my Pi Zero and pHat Beat. It has a tall stacking header on it. Soldered a male 90 degree header on it and wired that to he GPIO pins. Then used male jumper wires to go to some Mini Arcade buttons.

Full build pictures here,!AjOYwiwlwDtpgrJY6ORLsK5AVpwNuw

Non of my original buttons are broken, they’re just not accessible in my case.

Use this instead of the one I used, though if you decide to try it. For what ever reason Adafruit doesn’t bring every GPIO pin out to a solder pad? I had to actually tack one jumper wire right to the GPIO pin, the one with the bend in it in the picture. I wasn’t aware of the ProtoZero at the time or I would have used it instead. I have 2 on the way now though for future projects.