How can I make use of (after pHAT) remaining GPIO pins?


New to the forums, kind of new to electronics/RPi, first post - yay!

I just got hold of a Pi Zero and a PHAT DAC that I want to use together. However, I also want to be able to use the GPIO pins not used by the DAC (which, according to this post, are all but 7) for other components.

Could you recommend what pin headers (male/female) I should use for both the Pi and the DAC to make the GPIO pins as accessible as possible?

To clarify: with a normal male or female header on the DAC, the pins on top are too short to attach jumper wires to. If I use a male header on the Pi and no header on the DAC, the soldering will probably be trickier, the boards will be stuck together forever, and the part of pins sticking out on top of the DAC may still be too short.

Is there a header with full-length pins on both sides? Or how do people usually solve this problem?


Hmm… maybe if I use a female header on the Pi Zero and cut a male header so that I get one 3x2 and one 1x2 header and solder these on the DAC at the pin positions that is uses, kind of like on this picture.

Then I could (hopefully) put male jumper wires through the empty pin holes in the DAC and into the Pi’s female header, getting access to the pins that way.

Would that work?

Stacking headers will do exactly what you want. Alternatively, Black HAT Hackers are useful for that purpose too.

I want to clarify though that the pHAT DAC only uses 3 pins, not 7. Of course you have to budget your power consumption if you tap into the Pi but still, only 3 pins are needed on the Pi (power can be supplied externally if practical, or necessary).

May I present…

My PiZero, with a stacking header, a pHATDAC, a Joey board and also now has a blinkt too in the second image.