Porta pi

portable pi made with a few bits

power supply first attempt 1a powers screen but not pi

Nice, insert big thumbs up smiley here. =)

thank you am just working on a buck converter for usb photos will be soon

pimroni treasure hopefully once i get this all working together and figure out config for the coretec 4x4

I have a couple of two wheel rovers. Three wheel I guess, two powered wheels and caster. Pi Zero, Explorer pHat and a PowerBoost 1000c with a 2200 MAH LIPO battery.
I have had zero luck trying to get a 4 wheel to run the way I want.

i ordered it last week folowed the learn page can get it to run in test but when i shut it down and unplug everything it does nothing but im sure it will work out what you think of the porta pi mk2 the pimoroni treasure

porta pi mk2 looks good. =) I have two sort of portable setups, no battery power though.
I built this a few years ago, aluminum open beam stuff. It’s been modified and updated a few times. Currently it’s a Pi 3B+ with a Pi foundation V1 7 inch touch screen. And a big solderless breadboard. I test out breakout boards and other circuits with it.

I also have a SmartiPi V2 case with a Pi Foundation V2 touch screen. Pi 3B+ in that one too. A Pi 4B is going in it at some point.

that looks cool im looking into battery shields to make it fully portable but just fairly new to pi as in my 8th week of owning one well it started wit one now i have six on the go not very good at software tho but learning new stuff every day just trying to figur out my new coretec 4wd .jay

I’ve been at it a few years now. I have two dozen or so Pi’s on the go here, I’ve lost count to be honest. I’ve had a good week, got a few things done. I’ve been playing around with the New Unicorn Hat Mini, and a Unicorn Hat HD. Tinkering with my Breakout Garden stuff today. I ported over one of the Enviro + python examples to run on my Breakout Garden Mini with a color LCD and BME280.