Pocket piPorder

I’ve just got my Hyperpixel and this thing is AWESOME! I previously worked at a UI development company for embedded devices and this thing is going to be rockin soon. I’ve broken down a usb hub and have got it finagled onto a pi zero W. I plan on adding a lipo battery with some charge/supply circuit as well as possibly a built in usb stereo speaker setup. I haven’t decided if I’m going to go with a lipo pack or build in a 18650 tube that would double as a stand.

I know I want to have some magnets built in so I can stick it to things. Once you have a phone that can magnet to things you realize how underutilized that is…

I want to make myself a case out of either aluminum,stainless, or some other metal… titanium would be sick. All I know is aluminum dings pretty easy.

I do have a question about a front though… Ideally I’d like to protect and enclose the entire thing with some form of glass front. Does anyone know if there is a specific type of glass I should be looking at to maintain the capacitive touch on the screen?

That being said, I plan on making a suite of apps to interact with my smarthome, dev tools for sending test packets via UDP, MQTT, http POST, and more as they come up. I only have to need them once really. The other parts would be possibly making a telegram messenger application, slack monitor, I’ve got some code for IRC already.

Where the piCorder comes in is with an idea of either an internal usbseial connected atmega with some i2c sensors or maybe a satellite (via usb cable) unit that is made to shuffle data to the pi and have it react on the software level to the readings. For instance, you have a temperature sensor connected. A wizard would guide you through setting up a behavior based on the data.

Report type: (continuous, limit(s), responsive, etc).

You select limit.

Action: This provides the various interfaces (Email, text, Slack, Telegram, SQL, http)

you select telegram

Set up limits/action output: Temp > 40, output user “TheBestJohn” msg “OOPS Temperature is $Temp”

With this setup it would be super easy to temporarily set things up. Motion sensor, take pic, send message with pic. Fridge gets too cold so now you know why your apples are frozen etc.

Often times I’m making these things as one offs just to figure out a problem but with no need to keep them set up. That’s where the piCorder could come in super useful.

… dangit. just realized someone hooked up a pi camera to a hyperpixel and called it picorder as in camcorder… I was playing with tricorder… Gonna have to think of a new name


So I’ve been thinking this through. I think that if I’m going to be making a case for this the pi zero is not a whole lot smaller than the pi 3 with some connectors removed. I think I may be breaking down a pi 3 and going this route. On top of all that I’ve been thinking of nixing the headers as well and going with a straight wire setup. This way I can flip the pi around and use the back of the case as a heatsink…

I think it’s time to go to CAD and make a few variations of what I’m looking to do… I’ve also considered dropping a flir camera up in this thing… would be really cool.

Anyone have thoughts?

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