HyperPixel 4!

So you release the new HyperPixel4 and immediately money leaves my bank account!
Impressive work Pimoroni!

Seriously though, you mention it has breakout for I2C, does this mean that I can mix this with the MLX90640 breakout (another insta-purchase) to make an über cool handheld Predator vision scanner?

Also you mention on the product page that the installer doesn’t work with Wheezy, would be helpful if is said which version it does work with. I’m guessing Stretch, but positive information would be handy!


You add as many i2c devices you want to the bus, as long as no two have the same address. And your power supply can handle it. ;)
EDIT: And they are 3.3v logic.

In theory it’s possible, and it’s something I want to try and get working, but the MLX90640 is a total pig of a sensor to get running over i2c.

At the moment I’m using the register bitbanged bcm2835 library which works, but since it’s modifying the underlying registers to control the i2c bus it’s fundamentally incompatible with any other i2c drivers including those required for the HyperPixel’s touchscreen.

The second problem is that it’s a software i2c bus, and thus will be slower… the MLX90640 doesn’t like to be accessed slowly. It’s a weird sensor, and I’ve taken a break from grappling with it because I can’t see the wood for the trees right now!

But- in theory- it should be possible to get the two working together, and I think that would be really cool. Specially if it supported things like “rap to see temperature as a given spot”.

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Great to know! I figured that both the hyperpixel and the sensor were doing things a little outside the norm.
I might try getting the sensor working on a lighter weight platform like a teensy3.2 and do comms to the RPi via usb, which will make a nice standalone component to dev independently first…
Thanks for the info and keep up the great work with the sparkly new products!