HyperPixel and other OSs

have you tried installing the HyperPixel on anything other than Raspbian?

Is there any chance of you doing a custom RetroPi image? Cos that would be cool!

It should work in anything derived from Raspbian - RetroPie for example. As for Android and Windows IoT, those, as far as I know, are in the hands of their respective maintainers.

of course the trick would be to get it to work with NOOBS

It works perfectly with retropie

NOOBS is possibly possible using my original Initramfs method, but I think the process of getting it working with NOOBS in the first place is sufficiently complicated that it’s easier just to use an HDMI screen, set it up, and go from there.

That said, I haven’t really delved much into what makes the NOOBS UI tick, so I don’t know what’s involved in slipstreaming an init binary into it to actually set up and turn on the display.

RetroPie, and any other Raspbian-derived OS should work pretty well since they’re just tweaks on top of Raspbian.

Hey @gadgetoid - just got my Hyperpixel and got the display running in PINN. But I see the touchscreen driver is written in Python which PINN/NOOBS doesn’t include (and is not likely to as it would probably be too big a package). But it would be nice to get the touchscreen working as well.

Was the driver written in python because there wasn’t already a linux driver for it?
Are you able to provide the chip number, maybe there’s a similar driver that can be adapted, or a new one written?

Yes, I picked Python both because there’s no C driver, but also because I’d hoped to move the actual touch recognition into software to generally improve it.

The chip, as far as I’m aware, is a microcontroller with manufacturer custom firmware and doesn’t have an ID/name.