HyperPixel 4.0 non-touch protocols?

I just purchased a HyperPixel 4.0 but the only software I can find is the downloadable Raspbian variety.
I would prefer to use this while running Windows IoT. That means writing my own driver layer. I am happy enough to do this but in order to do so I need the information relating to all the communication and data protocols used between the OS and the display. I have not managed to find this information on your website, which is odd as I can hardly be the only person who isn’t using Raspbian, so I’ve probably just missed it. If you could direct me to where I might download the relevant data I would be most grateful.


I’m not sure this will help but the pinout is here

I’m thinking its going to be a challenge. Best of luck.

I have looked over the code on Githib for the “driver” - it’s nice and compact and straightforward enough to follow for even me to see that it isn’t a driver at all but is merely an initialisation routine. That in itself is an important piece of the puzzle and it in itself doesn’t look too difficult to port to Windows IoT, which is great.
However, I still don’t see the plumbing that causes Linux to send its character and graphics output to that screen rather than the HDMI output, nor do I see the protocols (other than IIC) used to do so.

HDMI is likely turned off in the config.txt file, best guess anyway. This type of stuff is above my skill level to be honest.