Thermal Camera MLX90640

Absolute novice and newbie here.

I was bought the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ for Christmas along with the Thermal Image camera MLX90640.

I have setup my Pi but i cannot get my head around setting up the camera itself. I have tried to follow the steps on GitHub but it’s not happening for me! :(

Any pointers etc would be grand!

Thanks in advance!

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Anyone any ideas with this issue I’ve got?


Same here, noobie with a Pi2
Was hoping this would all be rather intuitive, but seen to have no idea where to start.
Any advice would be warmly welcomed, please…

I can’t help you as I have no experience with the camera, but if you explain what steps you’ve tried and what error messages then I’m sure @gadgetoid will do his best to help you both!

Good Luck,


this is what I did to get the camera to work
First I installed libi2c-dev, then downloaded the zip of the git repo ( click where is says clone or download, and select zip) extracted the files with unzip mlx9040*.zip
cd into the new directory created
i had to do a sudo apt-get install swig as that was used for python stuff
install the other stuff mentioned in the git (sdl and suchlike)
ran ./configure
ran make clean
running make I2C_MODE=LINUX gave errors and failed
I noticed recent feedback on pimoroni product which mentioned removing libi2c-dev so i did that with sudo apt-get remove libi2c-dev
then make I2C_MODE=LINUX completed successfully
run either as root, or using sudo ./test or one of the other programs does what one would expect. gpio4 is not needed for these programs to work, which means I can used the battery low indicator of the liposhp which is on gpio4.
I am wanting to connect a waveshare 3.5" LCD(A)320x480 touch-screen as well to make a portable thermal camera, but can’t find out any pin requirements for lcd, although physically it will fit on over the shim. (wires to the camera are soldered to the back of the pizero)

At the moment I just have the lipshim and thermal camera connected, and a hdmi screen, usb hub with keyboard,mouse and wifi stick, all on a pi zero 1.3, running from a usb 2.1A power supply.
hopefully that helps. (since i updated this post and got camera working).