Thermal Camera MLX90640


Absolute novice and newbie here.

I was bought the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ for Christmas along with the Thermal Image camera MLX90640.

I have setup my Pi but i cannot get my head around setting up the camera itself. I have tried to follow the steps on GitHub but it’s not happening for me! :(

Any pointers etc would be grand!

Thanks in advance!


Anyone any ideas with this issue I’ve got?



Same here, noobie with a Pi2
Was hoping this would all be rather intuitive, but seen to have no idea where to start.
Any advice would be warmly welcomed, please…


I can’t help you as I have no experience with the camera, but if you explain what steps you’ve tried and what error messages then I’m sure @gadgetoid will do his best to help you both!

Good Luck,