Thermal Camera


I got the MLX90640 thermal camera working on a Pi today. On a pi zero also!

Example software is a bit rough and ready - I had to edit away a couple of errors - and the camera needs powering off when changing modes. I guess the software needs to reset state better. A good starting point I think.

I had a problem with using alongside a pijuice and display. They must conflict somehow. A clean install of Raspbian without the other hats sorted it.




It’s a very, very finickity camera! I’m hoping to get software support to the point where it’s more widely available to beginners but it’s been an uphill struggle.

The big issue currently is that it uses the bcm2836s libraries i2c access which, irc, accesses the i2c registers directly and causes some serious problems with the kernel level i2c drivers. The two appear to be mutually exclusive, which is a pain :(