CNC'd Pi camera case and hyperpixel display

Hi guys,
Here’s a project i’ve been working on for the last few months- (new CNC, had to make something :) ) I’ve just got the first two prototypes back from the anodiser, only to learn that the original hyperpixel display has been discontinued. Pirate bastards. Hopefully the new Hyperpixel version won’t require too much rework to adapt it.
(should be ok if the new screen x,y,z location is the same in relation to the RPI?? )

Anyway its another pi cam housing, The body is three pieces machined from 6061 aluminium - with a cs mount thread machined into the housing. The flange focal distance is 12.5mm so C mount lenses can also be used with an adapter. I’ve designed it to be mainly used for machine vision applications, telephoto, microscopy etc…
The small sensor size of the pi cam makes it fairly easy to do extreames.
I’ll also make a version for the new Pi FLIR cameras - Can’t wait to get on of those.

There are M2 threaded standoffs for an Adafruit feather M0 express (to handle buttons / IMU’s or whatever) and also provision for a powerboost 1000 board.

USB - B for charging,
DB9 for interfacing / machine control and an RJ45 linked back to the Pi for everything else. (i’m still working on the PCB for this),

Only one pic per post for new members. luckily I found a workaround.

Here’s the middle section, the Pi bolts onto this - There’s a 0.4mm gap between the pi’s processor and the heat sink block. designed for the sticky silicone heat transfer tape.


Here’s the power / charge circuit. using the powerboost 1000 board from Adafruit.

Close up of the sensor and recess.