Pi Zero 1.3 kit appears to contain old style Pibow case

I just tried to insert my new Pi Zero 1.3 into the Pibow case you supplied with it, and succeed in breaking off the camera port clip.

Is it possible that you’ve shipped an old-style case with the new-style zero?

In any case, the assembly instructions could do with a rework.

Zoiks! Could you possibly supply some pictures of your setup? Eager to know where it all went wrong. It should be a new-style Red/Orange/Yellow “Flame” PiBow Zero. We didn’t make that colour scheme in the old style at all.

Colours are Red/Orange/Yellow but the orange (#1) layer was resting unsupported on the SD card and camera connector black clip. Tightening the nuts broke the clip off, and nearly broke the card.

I may have mis-assembled it but

  1. An exploded diagram without text does not constitute an adequate assembly guide
  2. A product that can damage the zero so easily is IMHO a poor design.

I have taken it apart now in order to check the zero still works, and am reluctant to re-assemble, so a photo will have to wait.

Mainly wanted to check that layers are the right shape, in case old files have been used in production, because then we’d need to work out who’s affected and get in touch. Happy to replace the Zero, so you have pristine one with connectors in one piece, so don’t worry too much about checking how functional it is.

OK, thanks. I will photograph the layers.

Slightly tomb-stoned picture, sorry.

I’m in a rush as I am preparing for a demo tomorrow


Luckily I have a spare zero 1.3 courtesy of Eben, bless him!

Thanks. looks like it should, so we just need much better instructions :-)

We did a build on Bilge Tank today as a start

Will get new Zero out to you. Same address as original?

Yes please. And I’d be happy to help with instructions; I have a bit of form, as we got a lot of +ve feedback for the Quick2Wire assembly guides, But of course I need to get one right first :)

Very clear video, thanks. Now I know what I did wrong. I put the shim in the wrong place. Doh!

If you would like I will put together a Q2W style assembly guide over the week-end.

Someone hopped onto Instructables and put something together! :D

I had same issue w/ Pi Zero (v1.3) starter pack ordered last week (which I received today - thanks for fast delivery!).

The packaging for Pibow Case says “for support and assembly instructions http://pimoroni.com/products/pibow-zero”, which is wrong (page has build instructions for older model, doesn’t work). It should link to http://pimoroni.com/products/pibow-zero-ver-1-3 , which doesn’t have assembly instructions (yet?), but has some pics to help you with assembly. :)

We’ve now added an exploded diagram, that shows how all of the Pibow Zero layers fit together, to the product page on our shop. Here it is again, should you need it. We’ll try to put together a quick learning portal article too.


We’ve now got a learning portal article up on how to assemble your (new version) Pibow Zero.

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The camera port is really weak. I broke it too :( without “forcing something”.