Pibow zero instructions

I went to http://pimoroni.com/products/pibow-zero and got a 404 - opps

How about using QR codes on the packaging so I don’t have to type in a long URL and perhaps make spelling mistakes?? Though the above looks correct.

Nice idea, we’ll look into it! Apologies for the 404, we’ll get that fixed…

Wow - Sunday night response.
Managed to get it constructed sans instructions - another topic give the hint that there’s numbers on the plates!

yes, correct, there are 3 layers 0-1-2 (plus base). Numbers should be in the top left corner facing you. The board goes on top of the base and is framed by layer 0 I believe.

Screws can go bottom to top or vice versa, but taking top layer could be required to swap the SD card so best to have the nuts at the top in my opinion.

I always put the buts on the top because the screw heads are wider and less likely to mark anything I put it on and also the heights of the screw heads seem more consistent than the lengths of the screws so it seems more stable that way. @RogueM 's point about the SD is also a good one, its nice to leave the screws in and just lift off the layers.

(nuts on the bottom looks prettier though!)

We’ve fixed the URL with a redirect and added the build instructions in the form of a lovely exploded diagram from @ConnorPlant:

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Hi guys,

There now seems to be an extra (unnumbered) layer in the version 1.3 case (which I received today with pi Zero with camera connector…)

What’s the intended usage scenario for this? The holes align with the Pi itself nokt the rest of the case…


Hi jedisha,

The first layer is number 0 (red).
Then you may put the finest and smallest “white” unnumbered layer (you can remove the plastic and it becomes transparent).
Then put next layer number 1 (orange) and Pi over it. This way, the camera connector is sustained by the layer and can be accessed when the case is mounted. Otherwise, without the small layer, the orange layer that surrounds the Pi doesn’t fix well and camera connector may break.
Then you put the layer number 2 (yellow) and finally the last one, which has no number but has USB and AC/DC icons.

In this image, you can see the layers: Pibow-Zero 1.3 layers

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Some kind soul has put together an Instructable now too that should help you out.

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@gadgetoid also showed its construction on our last Bilge Tank episode here.

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We’ve now added an exploded diagram, that shows how all of the Pibow Zero layers fit together, to the product page on our shop. Here it is again, should you need it. We’ll try to put together a quick learning portal article too.

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We’ve now got a learning portal article up on how to assemble your (new version) Pibow Zero.

Fantastic guys! Thanks for the responses and apologies for my lack thereof! The missing numbering on the ‘shim’ had me confused as did the cutout sections for the pads on the underside of the micro USB ports. All golden now!

Thanks @makius82 & @sandyjmacdonald !!